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Ok, so I guess you can say I’m not the best blogger; my word count for this blog is around 4,444 words (haha lots of 4’s).  I only wrote on this blog when it was necessary and I may not come back to this blog ever again. Even though blogging is not my strongest suit, I did enjoy this different way of communication. Who knows? Maybe I will journey back to the world of blogging and talk about ideas that do not have to do with composition. Whatever the future has, I at least know that there will always be a blog that contains my initials and the word pony in the title. That’s all I could ever ask for 🙂


One of my favorite blog postings was from Ink Slingerette: Be Remembered is Overrated

I’ve never put that much time into considering how I want to be remembered after a semester. I suppose in the back of my mind I have always had an idea, but it progressively changes the more tired and burnt out I become from school and work overload. Before I started college I think I would have liked to have been remembered by the students as being witty, nice, outgoing, and kind. The professors I would have wanted to blow away with my maturity, intelligence, and creativity.

After a few semesters I now, at best, would like to be remembered by the students for not being unkind, and by the professors as being involved and willing to learn, to work hard, and to take criticism. As time goes by I hope to be able to keep this up and not give in to being known solely as someone who managed to show up to the minimal amount of classes required not to be kicked out. A few nights of good sleep could help with that.


My Strongest Analytical Blog Posting – Juxtaposition of Transportation – April 4, 2012

Here are two maps that show the routes of a subway system. The map on the left shows the London’s Underground system and the map on the right shows the New York Subway system. While the two maps are from two different countries, they have the same purpose; the maps show how to get a person around their respective city. By knowing the purpose of the two maps, it allows me open my eyes to the fact that both London and New York are not so different after all. Both cities have people who use mass transportation to get to and from a certain area in the city. Although the maps show how to get to and from a certain location, both do not show what the actual experience is like going through the system. Through personal experience, I can say that both underground systems are exciting and terrifying at the same time. The undergrounds are somewhat easy to navigate, but when you are in the system, there are so many people around you that you have to just trust your instincts and go for a route while hoping you pick the right train.

One thing that is different about the maps is the readability of the route system. For me, London’s Underground system is easier to read because the layout looks cleaner and the colored key is easier to understand. The background of the London map is faded so that when you are looking at the routes, you can clearly see the lines and the cities they associate with. New York on the other hand, is a little more difficult to understand because the key is a little hard to follow on the map. There is no clear color key so you have to hope that the color you pick goes with the route you want. Also, the map of New York has everything bolded; the colored lines are all thick and the black font tries to stand out more. With both the words and the lines so bolded, it is hard to concentrate on what to look at because it is so overpowering. The London Underground has some bolded lines and the words are lighter but easier to read. Either way, both maps are used to help a passenger get to where they need to go. The underground system has been going on for many years and hopefully mass transit continues to move forward.


Blog Post where I stretched myself intellectually – OKC Memorial Experience: A Different Perspective – February 14, 2012

After writing my post about my OKC Memorial experience, my professor left me with an interesting question. In my previous post, I talked about the powerful message behind a stuffed animal in the exhibit. I stated that the stuffed animal was a symbol of innocent lives that were lost in the bombing. My professor asked me if the toy could also be a symbol of hope. I do believe that the toys in the exhibit are also the uplifting symbol of optimism. While I was walking through the rest of the museum, I found other toys that were placed on the Memorial fence in the honor of the children who lost their lives. To me, I think the toys show that the children will always be in our memory and will never be forgotten. I believe this question goes hand in hand with the idea of symbolism and what one item can mean. For me, a stuffed animal is the symbol of innocence. With innocence comes the idea of fragility and how easily something, like a child, can disappear. The innocence also comes with the optimism for a bright future. To wrap up my reasoning, a toy in the memorial can be both a symbol of mourning and a symbol of hope.


My Strongest Exploration Writing – Exploration #32: The Magic of Inanimate Objects – February 13, 2012

For this exploration I was to collect inanimate objects and make up a magical story for each of them. While doing this exploration, I realized that I am very good at making up stories when I have the right inspiration. The objects I found were either unique in my everyday life or were so mundane they simply needed a story to be magical. Four objects I found were a penguin stuffed animal in my friend’s dorm room, a black plastic fork in my pantry, a mask given to me by my high school theatre director, and a gold angel statue in my sorority house. Below you can read about my objects’ magical powers. Enjoy!


Alfred is not just an ordinary penguin stuffed animal. When a human touches his right foot, Alfred comes alive and will grant said human one wish that is water related. For example, one could wish for heavy rain that would allow for giant puddles. Although Alfred is an adorable penguin, word of caution. If not taken care of, Alfred will bite your fingers.


This black plastic fork has the power to give any food the taste of sugar. Now you can eat all the healthy foods you want with a great taste!


The Mask of Commedia dell’Arte has great power that one human cannot simply control. When someone puts on the mask, they are immediately sucked into an actual play. Reports have stated that people have been sent to the works of Tennessee Williams, Tracy Letts, and even William Shakespeare. The mask remains nailed to a wall so that no human will abuse the power of the theatre.


The golden statue of Angelina has the ability to create music in the darkest of times. Whenever someone is feeling low, Angelina the Angel will take her magic lyre and play a tune that will simple lift the spirits of all that hear the music.


Best Use of a Visual Image – My OKC Memorial Experience – February 6, 2012

Last Wednesday, my English class took a trip to the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial. Although I am well aware of what happened 1995, going to the memorial reminded me of what a powerful event it was and still is to Oklahoma City. I am fortunate enough to have family who live in Oklahoma so I have been told the story of the federal building bombing through real accounts. The memorial on the other hand was a different experience. While walking through the tour of the memorial, I found that a lot of visual messages and arguments were made. I believe one of the biggest messages that was made was the fact that children were involved in the bombing. Walking around the museum, there would be items on display that most likely belonged to the children who were in the bombing. For me, that message was probably the most powerful. The idea that truly innocent lives were killed makes me sick to my stomach. The memorial allowed me to relive those emotions by showing me proof that there were children in the bombing. There is something about seeing a stuffed animal on display that really gets to me.


 Here is a picture of one of the stuffed animals found in the rubble of the Murrah Building. This little toy reminds me that a child was in that building when a bomb went off and that child was most likely severely injured or killed. These images will always stay with me and will continue to remind me how precious a life is and how dangerous our world can be.


Best Use of Hyperlink – Revised Poem (With Hyperlinks) – January 23, 2012

I am from TV, from Apple and Paper Mate.

I am from the hand painted picture of an autumn day beautifying the wall of the entry way.

I am from sunflowers that are scattered across a field, the clear, blue sky that always puts a smile on my face.

I am from late nights of baking cookies and no patience, from Angela and Ben.

I am from the working too hard and the world travelers, from “Everything happens for a reason” and “Enjoy the time you have now”.

I am from church retreats that reminded me how important it is to believe in something.

I am from Atlanta, Georgia and Plano, Texas, from chocolate and pistachios; either by themselves or together.

I am from the Aunt, Uncle, and three cousins who immigrated to the states last year, the grandparents who got lost in Paris (they eventually found their way), and the best friend (practically sister) who helped me make balloon animals for a child’s birthday party .

I am from half-made scrapbooks we were too lazy to complete, the wall that adorns lasting memories, cell phones that allow quick looks at smiling faces, and a personal journal that will remain hidden from the rest of the world.


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