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Juxtaposition of Transportation

Here are two maps that show the routes of a subway system. The map on the left shows the London’s Underground system and the map on the right shows the New York Subway system. While the two maps are from two different countries, they have the same purpose; the maps show how to get a person around their respective city. By knowing the purpose of the two maps, it allows me open my eyes to the fact that both London and New York are not so different after all. Both cities have people who use mass transportation to get to and from a certain area in the city. Although the maps show how to get to and from a certain location, both do not show what the actual experience is like going through the system. Through personal experience, I can say that both underground systems are exciting and terrifying at the same time. The undergrounds are somewhat easy to navigate, but when you are in the system, there are so many people around you that you have to just trust your instincts and go for a route while hoping you pick the right train.

One thing that is different about the maps is the readability of the route system. For me, London’s Underground system is easier to read because the layout looks cleaner and the colored key is easier to understand. The background of the London map is faded so that when you are looking at the routes, you can clearly see the lines and the cities they associate with. New York on the other hand, is a little more difficult to understand because the key is a little hard to follow on the map. There is no clear color key so you have to hope that the color you pick goes with the route you want. Also, the map of New York has everything bolded; the colored lines are all thick and the black font tries to stand out more. With both the words and the lines so bolded, it is hard to concentrate on what to look at because it is so overpowering. The London Underground has some bolded lines and the words are lighter but easier to read. Either way, both maps are used to help a passenger get to where they need to go. The underground system has been going on for many years and hopefully mass transit continues to move forward.


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  1. I feel like I would get lost in New York and London. Very interesting maps and a great way to make international connections. I think its neat that we can connect with other countries through maps besides the map of the world. Maybe we are more alike than we think.


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