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Colors on a Map


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This map shows the floor plan of audience seating in a theater. At first glance, one would think the purpose of the map would be to show a person buying tickets wear they could potentially sit. Upon further inspection, the map is actually not for audience members but for the people working on the actual show. Details such as the sound booth and follow spot booth show that the map is being used for most likely the stage manager who is planning the layout of all the technical aspects of the show.

This map uses colors for one specific purpose, to differentiate the sections of the audience. After reading the chapter on color in How to Lie with Maps, I began to critique the use of colors in the layout. Since the colors were most likely picked at random, the person designing the map was not paying attention to what the map could do if a person was looking at it for the first time. Fortunately, the creator of the map used mostly “cool” colors such as blues and purple to contrast the different seating areas. Since the colors work well together, a person looking at the map will not have difficulty reading the map compared to if the colors were unpleasantly different.


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  1. Although I doubt the map designer(s) spent very long deciding on the colors of the seating areas, I do see a pattern–the seating areas in the middle are both essentially “blue” colors (blue and teal(-ish)), while the seating areas on the left and right sides are both reddish colors (red and purple, which looks closer to red than to blue). The effect is simply to make it slightly easter to distinguish the areas into two categories: reddish/sides and blueish/middle.

  2. Additionally, primary colors (red and blue) are used on bottom, while non-primary colors (teal-ish and purple) are used on top. Another level of organization.


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