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Oklahoma City Memorial Grounds Map

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This map is a layout of the Oklahoma City National Memorial. There are a few aspects on the map that are important to the subject of the memorial. The map shows all the different areas of the memorial such as the museum and the areas outside the museum. The map shows the full area and covers every part of the memorial. Lastly, the illustrations on the map correspond to what it represents in real life. For example, the reflecting pool is shaped in a rectangle like the one on the map. There is one aspect of the memorial that is not shown on the map. The Memorial is very significant to Oklahoma culture and it is hard to portray meanings and emotions on a map. The map of the memorial does have some generalizations though. The content of the map selections show only the important parts of the memorial, such as where everything is located, and takes out any irrelevant details that could confuse the person looking at the map. Also, the map uses classification through the illustrations to help the reader recognize where everything really is by making the map look similar to what the memorial actually looks like.


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