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Intriguing Maps from Across the Pond

One of my favorite places to visit is London, England so I found a tourist map of the area around St. James’s Park. After reading about advertising and coloring in the book How to Lie with Maps, I realized that I could relate the reading to the map of the park. In the book, it states that maps with the goal of advertising a single-place focus also stimulates demand. The map shows the park itself, but also shows areas around the park where tourists can find a place to eat or use the restroom. The coloring of the map is also surprisingly well done and not misleading. The lake, grass, and buildings are appropriately colored so that it is easy to understand what is what and the coloring is not distracting. What I found interesting about the map was that it was simple/easy to understand, but had its own English flair. Notice the palace guard near the top left corner. 🙂


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  1. I agree with you, this is a really well done map and does a great job of making the area attractive to tourists with coloring that isn’t confusing and labels for the important spots within the area.

  2. It is neat how color can direct you so well on a map. What would we all think if on a map the water was purple and the grass/forests were pink? We would have no idea what was going on. Love that map.


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