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Exploration #1

I decided to start from the beginning and do the first exploration in my book. My mission was to write down ten things about where I was sitting what I didn’t notice before I sat down. While doing this assignment, I realized that most of the “different” things I found were from me doing something and being too lazy to fix it. This exploration allowed me to pay attention to all the details that are around me. Plus, I also learned that I need to clean my room…

My Ten Things:

  1. The can of Glade Air Freshener on top of my dresser is still “locked” stating that I have not used it.
  2. My collection of headbands are scattered on the floor in the corner because I was in a rush this morning and forgot to put them up.
  3. A Walmart bag is on my bed containing a DVD because I don’t know where to put it yet.
  4.  There is a sticky not on my wall from a week ago that I have forgotten to take down.
  5. My room smells nicer since I took out my trash – I guess I didn’t need the air freshener after all 😉
  6. The flowers I received a few days ago are officially dead. Sad day.
  7. The picture of my dog is in a different spot because I showed it to a friend and forgot to put it back in its original location.
  8. The program from a show I saw last night is still on my bed.
  9. One of the shelves in my dresser is slightly open because that drawer has WAY too much stuff in it.
  10. My pillowpet (no shame) is at the end of my bed from when I was playing with it earlier.

 And now for your personal enjoyment, a picture of my pillowpet – Grant the Moose:


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I'm Alex... My parents told me to never put incriminating information online so this is all you are going to know about me ;)

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  1. This reminds me so much of my own room! Haha
    It’s funny how we get distracted and leave stuff lying around and don’t even notice until a while later.

  2. I did this exploration earlier this semester! It was cool reading yours and seeing all the differences and similarities. I loved the pillow pet picture and the remark you made about having no shame in having one. I have one to haha.


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