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Creating a Memory Palace

I created a memory palace for Logos, Pathos, and Ethos using my parents’ apartment in Arizona.

Logos (Logic): The computer on my father’s desk. When I think of logos I think of the ways I receive knowledge. What better device than the computer to give me knowledge? Whether I’m looking at a news website or looking up entertainment articles, I am always learning something new which I am able to impart on anyone who will listen.

Ethos (Ethic): The TV. Ok, so the lessons of right and wrong should not be taught by television, but it is what the TV represents. Since there is only one TV in the apartment, the family always watches our shows together. From our family interaction, I learn the “ethics” of life from my parents. When something on TV seems simply inappropriate, my parents make it a point to state their opinion and what they think should have been done.

Pathos (Emotion): The couch. Long story short, the apartment in Arizona only has one bedroom so I sleep on the comfy couch. That is basically my room; I consider the couch to be my support and the blankets to be my protection. The couch has emotional significance to me. That is only the first reason why the couch is pathos. The second reason is my dog. The family dog, Sophie, is one of the most precious things in my life so of course I miss her like crazy. Every time my dad sends me a picture of Sophie, it is typically her laying out on the very same couch that I sleep on when I go to Arizona.

I really enjoyed creating my memory palace. I believe this assignment will help me remember the difference between logos, ethos, and pathos. As of right now it is in my head, but if I start adding more to it, I feel like I should draw my palace out. Then frame it 🙂

And now a cute picture of my dog…


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I'm Alex... My parents told me to never put incriminating information online so this is all you are going to know about me ;)

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  1. Very cute dog! I liked how you obviously connected to your memory palace in a personal way.


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