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OKC Memorial Experience: A Different Perspective

After writing my post about my OKC Memorial experience, my professor left me with an interesting question. In my previous post, I talked about the powerful message behind a stuffed animal in the exhibit. I stated that the stuffed animal was a symbol of innocent lives that were lost in the bombing. My professor asked me if the toy could also be a symbol of hope. I do believe that the toys in the exhibit are also the uplifting symbol of optimism. While I was walking through the rest of the museum, I found other toys that were placed on the Memorial fence in the honor of the children who lost their lives. To me, I think the toys show that the children will always be in our memory and will never be forgotten. I believe this question goes hand in hand with the idea of symbolism and what one item can mean. For me, a stuffed animal is the symbol of innocence. With innocence comes the idea of fragility and how easily something, like a child, can disappear. The innocence also comes with the optimism for a bright future. To wrap up my reasoning, a toy in the memorial can be both a symbol of mourning and a symbol of hope.


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