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Exploration #32: The Magic of Inanimate Objects

For this exploration I was to collect inanimate objects and make up a magical story for each of them. While doing this exploration, I realized that I am very good at making up stories when I have the right inspiration. The objects I found were either unique in my everyday life or were so mundane they simply needed a story to be magical. Four objects I found were a penguin stuffed animal in my friend’s dorm room, a black plastic fork in my pantry, a mask given to me by my high school theatre director, and a gold angel statue in my sorority house. Below you can read about my objects’ magical powers. Enjoy! 🙂

Alfred is not just an ordinary penguin stuffed animal. When a human touches his right foot, Alfred comes alive and will grant said human one wish that is water related. For example, one could wish for heavy rain that would allow for giant puddles. Although Alfred is an adorable penguin, word of caution. If not taken care of, Alfred will bite your fingers.

This black plastic fork has the power to give any food the taste of sugar. Now you can eat all the healthy foods you want with a great taste!

The Mask of Commedia dell’Arte has great power that one human cannot simply control. When someone puts on the mask, they are immediately sucked into an actual play. Reports have stated that people have been sent to the works of Tennessee Williams, Tracy Letts, and even William Shakespeare. The mask remains nailed to a wall so that no human will abuse the power of the theatre.

The golden statue of Angelina has the ability to create music in the darkest of times. Whenever someone is feeling low, Angelina the Angel will take her magic lyre and play a tune that will simple lift the spirits of all that hear the music.


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  1. Those are some pretty awesome stories! My first wish for Alfred would be for a light rain to accompany a really good nap, but that is just me. I also thought it was neat that you picked out stuff from different places than just what would have been convenient to use in your dorm room. It made me realize that you actually put some real thought into what chose to make up things about!

  2. They’re all good stories. Now I really wish I had a magical can of Spam. Oh, wait! Spam cures hunger and makes for exceptional music and drama parts! Now if I just had a magical fork to eat it with, a magical lyre playing music in the background while a magical mask gives me a part in a Shakespeare drama, and a magical penguin that could boil water for my hot tea… I think we’re onto something here.

    spam spam spam spam


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