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My OKC Memorial Experience

Last Wednesday, my English class took a trip to the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial. Although I am well aware of what happened 1995, going to the memorial reminded me of what a powerful event it was and still is to Oklahoma City. I am fortunate enough to have family who live in Oklahoma so I have been told the story of the federal building bombing through real accounts. The memorial on the other hand was a different experience. While walking through the tour of the memorial, I found that a lot of visual messages and arguments were made. I believe one of the biggest messages that was made was the fact that children were involved in the bombing. Walking around the museum, there would be items on display that most likely belonged to the children who were in the bombing. For me, that message was probably the most powerful. The idea that truly innocent lives were killed makes me sick to my stomach. The memorial allowed me to relive those emotions by showing me proof that there were children in the bombing. There is something about seeing a stuffed animal on display that really gets to me.

 Here is a picture of one of the stuffed animals found in the rubble of the Murrah Building. This little toy reminds me that a child was in that building when a bomb went off and that child was most likely severely injured or killed. These images will always stay with me and will continue to remind me how precious a life is and how dangerous our world can be.


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  1. I agree with you completely. One of the hardest concepts to wrap my mind around while walking through the museum was the fact that there were children in the building. Looking at their pictures in the Gallery of Honor showed just how young they were. Their lives had just begun, they had all the potential, but we will never know what they would have grown up to become. It’s hard to imagine anyone causing harm to children.

  2. AJ,

    I think that picture’s going to haunt me. You’re absolutely right–nothing puts the scale of the devastation into perspective like a photo of a stuffed animal. It was a symbol of childhood, of naivety, and of a future ripped asunder. Now it’s an artifact.

    – Alex


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