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Exploration#26 – What I Use Daily

I decided to sit on my bed one morning and think about what items I use on a daily basis. I found that thinking of stuff that I used was harder than I thought; I felt like I was forgetting something. So then I decided to just go about my day and document what I used. After making a list I realized that “things” does not necessarily mean tangible items. For example, I use a lot of patience when it comes to interacting with certain people; no offence to the general population. I also use my smile on a daily basis; can’t help it 🙂

Attached is my list of “things” I use on a daily basis.

My Daily List


About ajprancingpony

I'm Alex... My parents told me to never put incriminating information online so this is all you are going to know about me ;)

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  1. I dug the list Alex. I never considered the non-tangible side of my life I relied on. I would not have put them in a category together, but I like your list. I brought me a different point of view. Maybe it will help me fous on using the untangibles more often.


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