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Hyperlinks: A New Way of Learning

Whether you enjoy hyperlinks or think they are the most annoying things on the planet, they are an excellent tool when it comes to learning.

Visual rhetoric is basically another way of communicating a thought or idea. Hyperlinks do the exact same thing. A hyperlink adds another dimension to what a person is learning; it adds a new way to view the material. My generation has grown into the interactive age. Simply reading words on a page may not allow someone to understand the material. This is where a hyperlink comes in. Through using hyperlinks, a person can read the material then suddenly be transported somewhere that relates to what the person was initially reading. This would allow the person to have a different perspective or view on the matter and may even let them grasp the material.


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I'm Alex... My parents told me to never put incriminating information online so this is all you are going to know about me ;)

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