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Hyperlink Observation

After reading some revised “Where I’m From” poems, I realized that the hyperlinks made a big difference. To start off, I will say the hyperlinks were a bit of a distraction. Personally, I am a person who cannot handle distractions. If you have ever seen the movie Up, I am basically Dug the dog, talking one minute then yelling “Squirrel!” the next. Every time I saw a hyperlink, I would have the sudden urge to stop reading the nice poem and click on the link. Depending on the link, I would completely forget that my task was to read the poem and learn about the person who wrote it.

I will say that there is an upside to having hyperlinks. After reading the entire poem, I realized that I gained a lot more knowledge of the person from the added links than just the poem by itself. The links allowed me to see what that person knows is out there on the web and maybe what kind of websites they go to. Also, once I got focused, the reading became more enjoyable. The poem was more interactive. Every link was a surprise and I did not know where I would be sent. It was like a mini scavenger hunt. Ultimately, I cannot say that the hyperlinks made the poem better or worse. It simply made reading the poem a different experience.


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