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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Hyperlinks: A New Way of Learning

Whether you enjoy hyperlinks or think they are the most annoying things on the planet, they are an excellent tool when it comes to learning.

Visual rhetoric is basically another way of communicating a thought or idea. Hyperlinks do the exact same thing. A hyperlink adds another dimension to what a person is learning; it adds a new way to view the material. My generation has grown into the interactive age. Simply reading words on a page may not allow someone to understand the material. This is where a hyperlink comes in. Through using hyperlinks, a person can read the material then suddenly be transported somewhere that relates to what the person was initially reading. This would allow the person to have a different perspective or view on the matter and may even let them grasp the material.


Hyperlink Observation

After reading some revised “Where I’m From” poems, I realized that the hyperlinks made a big difference. To start off, I will say the hyperlinks were a bit of a distraction. Personally, I am a person who cannot handle distractions. If you have ever seen the movie Up, I am basically Dug the dog, talking one minute then yelling “Squirrel!” the next. Every time I saw a hyperlink, I would have the sudden urge to stop reading the nice poem and click on the link. Depending on the link, I would completely forget that my task was to read the poem and learn about the person who wrote it.

I will say that there is an upside to having hyperlinks. After reading the entire poem, I realized that I gained a lot more knowledge of the person from the added links than just the poem by itself. The links allowed me to see what that person knows is out there on the web and maybe what kind of websites they go to. Also, once I got focused, the reading became more enjoyable. The poem was more interactive. Every link was a surprise and I did not know where I would be sent. It was like a mini scavenger hunt. Ultimately, I cannot say that the hyperlinks made the poem better or worse. It simply made reading the poem a different experience.

Revised Poem (with hyperlinks)

I am from TV, from Apple and Paper Mate.

I am from the hand painted picture of an autumn day beautifying the wall of the entry way.

I am from sunflowers that are scattered across a field, the clear, blue sky that always puts a smile on my face.

I am from late nights of baking cookies and no patience, from Angela and Ben.

I am from the working too hard and the world travelers, from “Everything happens for a reason” and “Enjoy the time you have now”.

I am from church retreats that reminded me how important it is to believe in something.

I am from Atlanta, Georgia and Plano, Texas, from chocolate and pistachios; either by themselves or together.

I am from the Aunt, Uncle, and three cousins who immigrated to the states last year, the grandparents who got lost in Paris (they eventually found their way), and the best friend (practically sister) who helped me make balloon animals for a child’s birthday party .

I am from half-made scrapbooks we were too lazy to complete, the wall that adorns lasting memories, cell phones that allow quick looks at smiling faces, and a personal journal that will remain hidden from the rest of the world.

Hello world!